EPIC Webinar series: Swiss edition

United Nations Public Service Award 2018

Webinar: Tackling the gender pay gap with digital solutions

The FOGE will host a webinar in which it will show how employers, whether private or public, can concretely check that they respect the principle of equal pay for work of equal value between women and men. It will do so by demonstrating the use of Logib, a webtool developed by Switzerland and recently labeled as good practice by the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC).

Logib as a webtool

Commitment to equal pay in the public sector

Equal pay: Logib now available as web-based application

The revised Gender Equality Act comes into force on 1 July. This means that employers with 100 or more staff are required to conduct an equal pay analysis. To help achieve this, the federal government is to make Logib, its standard analysis tool, available to employers as a web-based application.

Key topics

Key topics of 2018

Key topics

The FOGE is first and foremost committed to legal equality between women and men as well as equal opportunities and pay in professional life; including prevention from sexual harassment at work; and to a balanced distribution of tasks within the household and against domestic violence.

Ordinance against violence

Mise en œuvre de la Convention d’Istanbul

Ordinance against violence against women and domestic violence

On 13 November 2019, the Federal Council adopted the ordinance against violence against women and domestic violence and created the legal basis to promote measures for the prevention of violence against women and domestic violence.


In focus

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Equal pay platform

Equal pay platform

The equal pay platform provides the main facts, gives employees and employers tips on how to make equal pay a reality and contains information on the public sector's commitment.

Domestic violence


Since 2003 the Violence Prevention Service has been working under the mandate of the Federal Council to support and develop measures to prevent violence, in particular violence against women and domestic violence.

The law

The law

In Switzerland equality between men and women is now well established, on paper at least. However, in reality there are still significant gaps in gender equality.

Further information about the FOGE

What is Logib ?

Check your pay practice quickly and easily.

Charter Equal pay

Closing the gender pay gap in Switzerland - Charter for equal pay in the public sector.

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