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Published on 24 August 2023

Equal pay analysis with Logib

Logib is a scientifically recognised, secure and legally compliant set of tools for equal pay analysis made available by the Confederation. It allows employers to review their pay practices with a view to promoting equal pay within their company. There are two modules. Module 1 is aimed at large companies, while Module 2 is suitable for smaller companies.

A slightly slanted spirit level depicted as a hundred-franc note stands for pay inequality between women and men.

A magnifying glass reminiscent of a five-franc piece as a means of taking a closer look at wages within enterprises.

24 August 2023

Promoting equal pay with Logib

Equal pay is key to achieving equality in working life and is an important element of good governance. A transparent pay system and equal pay analysis help employers to promote and implement equal pay within their sphere of influence.