Equal pay

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The principle of equal pay for women and men is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and in the Gender Equality Act. Men and women should be equally remunerated for equal and equivalent work.

And yet there are still great differences in pay in Switzerland. On average, women earn 18% less than men. About 40% of this difference can't be explained by objective factors, captures wage discrimination and includes characteristics (e.g. having children) that should in principe have no effect on wages. Women in managerial positions even earn up to 24% less than men. There are still typical female and male professions in the world of work. The pay level in typical male professions is considerably higher than that in female professions.

If women and men within the same company and with the same qualifications and experience receive different amounts of pay for the same work, pay discrimination within the meaning of the Gender Equality Act can be said to exist.

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