Pay gap


Average pay and pay gap

Women's pay slips show an average of CHF 1412 per month less than those of men (figures: 2014). 42% of the pay gap remains unexplained and includes potential gender-related pay discrimination.

Reasons for pay inequality


Reasons for pay inequality

Deeply entrenched gender stereotypes are the reason why progress is slow in addressing pay inequality and pay discrimination at work.

Monitoring equal pay


Monitoring equal pay

By reviewing their pay practice, companies can create transparency and ensure that they are acting with the law.

Equal pay benefits not only women and their families but the economy and society as a whole. Equal pay makes (re)entering the world of work much more attractive to women and is therefore in the interest of businesses too. A narrowing of the gender pay gap means that couples can share paid work and unpaid housework and caring duties more equally without any financial loss. Pay equality creates real equal opportunities and makes it possible to choose between different family and work models.

The equal pay platform provides the main facts, gives employees and employers tips on how to make equal pay a reality and contains information on the public sector's commitment.


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