Acts of violence are punishable by law, whether they are committed in the public or the private sphere. Since April 1, 2004, acts of violence committed in a couple are crimes that are prosecuted and punished ex officio, i.e. without the injured party having to file a complaint.

National legal basis

The Swiss Criminal Code (SCC) covers various acts of violence: bodily harm (Art. 123 SCC), threats (Art. 180 SCC), coercion (Art. 181 SCC), simple or repeated assault (Art. 125 SCC), sexual coercion (Art. 189 SCC) and rape (Art. 190 SCC).

A standard of protection from violence has been in force in the Swiss Civil Code (CC) since 1 July 2007. Other areas of federal legislation address the use of violence, such as the law on assistance to victims of crime.