Protection against domestic violence guaranteed also during the coronavirus period

Bern, 23.03.2020 - People affected by domestic violence can contact the existing support structures in all cantons and receive assistance. The victim counselling centres and the shelters are providing their services as usual. The police are still available to help at all times.

Experts expect the current situation resulting from the spread of the coronavirus may lead to an increase in domestic violence. Possible causes are the general uncertainty and a lack of possibilities for distancing during conflicts in one's own home.

As yet, the cantons have not observed a general deterioration. The victim support services are still assisting victims of domestic violence at the cantonal level. Persons who do not feel safe in their own home can be referred to a shelter, e.g. a women's shelter.

The current situation does not entail any changes in terms of prosecution; protecting the victims is still the top priority for the police. In case of violent incidents, the police can still remove a violent person from the home and report threats to children to the relevant authorities. Restraining and protective orders can still be issued, and the cantonal authorities are continuing to deal with high-risk situations.

The Swiss Confederation has set up a task force of the responsible public agencies under the lead of the Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE). This framework makes it possible to assess the situation regularly and in close cooperation with the responsible cantonal conferences (Conference of Cantonal Directors of Social Services CDSS, Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors CCJPD, Swiss Conference against Domestic Violence SKHG) and to review appropriate measures if there is an increase in cases of domestic violence.

Support services in the event of domestic violence

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Police:, tel. 117
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