Analyse equal pay - simply and securely with Logib

Logib is the Confederation's standard analysis tool for assessing equal pay practices. It is free, anonymous, secure and easy to use. Independent third parties have confirmed that Logib is based on sound scientific methods that conform to legal requirements. Logib is internationally recognised. In addition to the UN Public Service Award, it has received the EPIC Good Practice Label from the Equal Pay International Coalition (OECD, ILO, and UN Women).

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Self-assessment for companies

You can find out yourself whether your company complies with the requirement of equal pay for men and women by conducting an analysis with Logib. Once your data has been imported into Logib, it takes just a few minutes for it to be evaluated. Detailed user instructions and the answers to frequently asked questions make Logib easy for you to use.

Data protection

Your pay data will not be saved. Only you can access it.

Advantages of Logib

  • Logib produces meaningful equal pay analyses with a minimum of effort on your part.
  • In addition to the results of the equal pay analysis, Logib delivers further useful reports and figures to help identify gender-specific differences.
  • Logib is a free service provided by the federal government.
  • Logib is constantly being upgraded with the aim of reducing the time and effort involved for companies and increasing the quality of the service.
  • There are many additional services available on the market, such as Logib training, consultations and certificates.
  • If your company applies for public procurement contracts or subsidies, you can use Logib to provide the required proof of compliance with the equal pay requirement.


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