Logib Module 2 was developed with scientific assistance from the University of Bern and widely trialled in field tests between 2011 and 2019 in order to make the Confederation’s standard analysis tool equally accessible to smaller companies.

Once developed, the methodology was validated by means of a scientific peer review involving outside experts from a variety of disciplines (economics, work science, law) and the International Labour Organization ILO. The result confirmed its scientific rigour and conformity with legal requirements.

Module 2 is based on the scientific method of job evaluation and can be used to check to what extent the requirements and demands of a function, along with personal experience and education and training, determine wages and whether there are any differences between women and men.

At company level, a total score shows whether and to what extent there is an imbalance to the disadvantage of one gender and thus an increased risk of non-compliance with equal pay. The results at the level of functions and persons allow a deeper insight into wage practices.

Module 2 is especially recommended for small companies.