Logib Module 1

Logib Module 1 is suitable for organisations and companies with 50 or more employees. Employers can find out for themselves whether they comply with the requirement of equal pay for women and men by conducting an analysis with Logib.

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What is Logib Module 1?

Logib is a webtool that conforms to the latest application and data protection requirements. It is scientifically sound, conforms to legal requirements and has received several awards.

How is Logib used?

The webtool is launched by calling up Logib at www.logib.admin.ch and selecting the appropriate module. Logib guides users through the equal pay analysis in seven steps. Detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions make it easy to use.

How long does it take to use?

First, the data must be prepared and recorded in a data sheet template. The time required for this depends on the size of the company and how it manages its data. In most cases, around two working days should be planned for a first analysis. This time can be halved for subsequent analyses. After reading the data into Logib, the evaluation is available in a few minutes.

Who can use Logib?

Logib is suitable for all employers wishing to review their pay practice with the aim of promoting equal pay for both genders. Employers with at least 100 employees of both sexes are obliged to conduct an equal pay analyses in accordance with the Gender Equality Act.

What results do I get?

Alongside the actual result of the equal pay analysis, users receive further interesting figures and charts that provide information about their pay practice.

Go to tool: Logib Module 1 – for 50+ employees