Analyse equal pay – simply and securely with Logib

Equal pay for women and men is a reality when both female and male employees receive the same pay for equal work or work of equal value. Employers need a suitable tool to help them check whether their company complies with the equal pay requirement. The federal government has made the Logib standard analysis tool available to them for this purpose. The webtool is free, anonymous, secure and easy to use.

Advantages of Logib:

  • Logib produces meaningful equal pay analyses with a minimum of effort on your part.
  • In addition to the results of the equal pay analysis, Logib delivers further useful reports and figures that will help you identify gender-specific differences.
  • Logib is a free service provided by the federal government.
  • Logib is constantly being upgraded with the aim of reducing the time and effort involved for employers and increasing the quality of the service.
  • There are many additional services available on the market, such as Logib training, consultations and certificates.
  • If your organisation applies for public procurement contracts or subsidies, you can use Logib to provide the required proof of compliance with the equal pay requirement.
  • Equal pay analyses create transparency, help eliminate disparities and make them easier to communicate credibly, both internally and externally.



Service hours
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Please note that the Logib helpline primarily serves as a contact point for technical malfunctions of the Logib web tool. If you experience a technical malfunction, please mention this explicitly in the subject of your e-mail so that it can be treated as a priority.

The Logib helpline does not offer individual professional advice and does not provide legal information. For this purpose, please use the workshops for conducting a self-test wage equality analysis with Logib as well as the numerous specialised counselling services on the market.

If you have any questions in connection with the obligation to conduct a wage equality analysis under the Gender Equality Act, please contact only the Federal Office of Justice FOJ, which is responsible for this (FAQ / contact).

We usually answer within a processing time of 14 days (except for technical malfunctions).