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Equal pay

Logib Flyer 

2020, FOGE


Technical description of the pay specification used in the Confederations standard analysis model 

2020, FOGE


Discussion paper on the discrimination potential from a legal perspective, of individual explanatory factors used to measure wage equality between women and men

Summary, full version in German and French

2019, FOGE


Impact of the Swiss Confederation's wage equality reviews - Concluding report

FOGE, 2018

Study on the Confederation's statistical analyses concerning wage equality between women and men

Final report

Logib Test wage equality in your company

2017, FOGE

Tolerance threshold and wage discrimination: statistics based on the Swiss Earnings Structure Survey 2010

Discussion paper, 2014 (only in French)

Methodological approach for monitoring compliance with wage equality between women and men in federal procurement

Instructions for standardised monitoring procedure
2014, FOGE

Government instruments for the monitoring and enforcement of equal pay

2013, FOGE-FOJ

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace - Information for employers


Sexual harassment in the workplace - A guide for employees



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