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Equal pay self-test tool: Logib

Free Logib download (Excel 2007 and later versions)
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Logib Software V.2.4.1
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Logib step-by-step
You can find out more about how to use the software in the Logib step-by-step instructions:
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Printable version Logib step-by-step
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Telephone  0800 55 99 00
Email           logib@ebg.admin.ch
Check your pay practice quickly and easily
To find out whether an equal pay policy for men and women is respected in your company, you can make a simple review of your pay policy with the Logib software. This programme is suitable for companies with at least 50 employees and is very simple to use. Once data have been entered, it takes just a few minutes for them to be evaluated. Detailed instructions and the answers to frequently asked questions are provided, making this tool simple to use and the results easy to interpret.
If differences in pay are not immediately evident, it is best to carry out a more detailed analysis. Perhaps it is necessary to make changes to your appraisal and pay policies. The FOGE can put you in touch with suitable specialists.

Logib was developed for the FOGE and is based on the same method that is used for checking the federal administration's procurement practices.

Protection and use of data during the use of Logib
To perform self-control, the Logib tool is downloaded as an Excel file. Storage and data processing are done locally, in the computer where Logib is installed. Data, and therefore data sovereignty remain in possession of the user. There is no connection with other systems. By performing self-control with Logib, no data will be transferred to the FOGE, the contracting entity, to other authorities or third parties.

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Dr. Steve Binggeli
Tel. 058 465 13 34

Patric Aeberhard
Tél. 058 462 68 42
Logib support
Tel. 0800 55 99 00

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